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Just trimmed my huge oak tree. They did an excellent job, made sure nothing was damaged as they lowered limbs, cleaned everything up after. Nice bunch of guys!

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The first clue should have been the companies by line on their invoices: "Honesty is our policy" Jason C. Sawyer owner of Show Me Tree Service sold us a Dump Truck. The lisence bureau had an issue with the bill of sale and would not accept the title. We have been calling, texting, leaving message after message on multiple phone numbers and texts. My first request to notarize the bill of sale was made on June 7, 2016. Today is July 18, 2016 and... Read more

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I had an experience today, July-8-16, at approx 6PM. I would think that after reviewing other this, and other comments, "Potential Customers" should deter from contracting with this company. I was driving East on Stuart Ave, and I now suspect that the owner was driving West, where there were barricades on his side of the road. He did not stop to let me by, but continued driving. I could not move over anymore to my right, since the culvert... Read more

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Show Me Tree and Paving finished the asphalt work on my driveway in one day, then sealed it as well. About 6000+ square feet of driveway. They stayed off my grass, cleaned up after themselves, and came by to chat about how to maintain the new 3" thick driveway after the job was complete. No money switched hands until I inspected the work, and it's a great looking driveway! The price was right too. I'm thinking this company has turned the corner... Read more

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This company is the worst most worthless group of workers. They rip off every customer charging ridiculous amounts of money for half *** barely done jobs. These people are *** artist and deserve to go to jail for over charging and fooling all these people.

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Hired Show Me Tree Service to install a paved driveway for $9,000. Wiry Then contract says will improve water runoff by directing away from house. Driveway is less tha 1 year old and is crumbling and falling apart. Asphalt is so thin that weeds have pushed through it in spots. They "sealed" the drive immediately after laying asphalt. I've come to learn that is wrong. I have two giant water pools in front of my garage entrances and have to use a... Read more

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They did a paving job for me which was supposed to change the water's run off direction and it hasn't worked. They said if there were any problems to call and they'd be glad to come back and take care of them. I had an answered phone called one time out of 6 calls. The man I talked to said they'd be sending someone right out to check out the situation. No one has ever showed and there have been no replies to the messages I've left. The asphalt... Read more

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I hired this company Show me tree (816)878-1530 to remove a tree in my front yard. It was a big tree that my husband couldn't do it himself. They came out and gave me an estimate and told me my other two trees had splits and disease and had to be removed as well. Another man approached me saying he was the owner and They said they would give me a discount if I went ahead and did it today. Told me that normally a job this size would run about... Read more

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I hired this "company" to remove leaves from my yard. When they arrived they told me that they were not going to do my back yard because all the leaves had not fallen, but they would take out two trees for me for an additional fee. I, too, am very sorry that I did not check them out online first. They spent an entire day on those two small trees because their saw kept breaking and they were constantly borrowing tools since they had none of their... Read more

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$2000.00 bad job trimming trees, half cut a limb and left it up 2 weeks later it came down knocking power out in neighborhood, tore up grass with their trucks cut down 2 trees and didn't leave stump removal stuff as promised 1st limb they cut knocked downed cable line partially they didn't tighten it up as promised and limb caught it and ripped sideing off house they denied it was their fault wouldn't return calls when we tried to... Read more

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