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We hired Show Me Tree Service out of Lexington, MO (816-878-1530) to remove two trees and trim all the others in our yard. As part of the service they were to clean out the gutters, stake a cherry tree, clean up any mess, and leave us a chemical stump remover.

Shame on us for not checking them out before hiring them but they were doing work at a neighbor's house. Our neighbor is very particular and keeps her home in excellent condition so we thought they would be ok. Double shame on us for giving them the check before it the job was finished. It was a Friday afternoon and the manager, Ricky Byrom, wanted to get to the bank so he could pay his crew.

They were so nice and personable we went ahead and paid them with the assurance that we could call to let them know if we weren't satisfied and they would take of any issues. Well, of course there were issues. They did not clean the gutters, stake the cherry tree, or leave the chemical stump remover. They also left tracks from the bobcat on our driveway and another neighbor's driveway.

We called the following Monday to let them know about the things left undone. We did not get any response in two weeks. They also do concrete work and so we called and left message stating we were interested in an estimate for a new driveway. We do need to have the driveway replaced and we had talked about with Show Me Tree Service.

We figured they would do a good job with trees in order to get the $7000 driveway job. Well, we got a call back in two minutes for the concrete work. We got a "sorry we haven't called you back about the tree work but we've been busy with the snow." They again promised to come out an take care of the items left to do and give an estimate on the driveway but they haven't.

They were really expensive and did not deliver on their promises.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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